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Storage Bench

I see the Campbell Hausfeld project calendar shows March as upholstery month.  While a sewing machine isn't exactly a standard tool in my workshop, I do have a quick weekend project that does involve upholstery - this storage bench below. Like many of my projects, the...

Air Tools: Not Just a Luxury

I have a confession to make.  Ever since I received the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, I have viewed it as a sort of luxury item.  I really didn't think I absolutely needed to have a big compressor.  While it does outperform my old pancake compressor in pretty much...

An ‘Emergency’ Woodworking Project

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an “emergency” woodworking project come up.  A family member needed a custom-built TV stand ready for Thanksgiving.  The piece needed to fit very specific dimensions and needed to be stained to match two bookcase towers that will...

My Motto – Shoot It and Glue It

Much to my disappointment, I haven't had much of an opportunity to play with the new Campbell Hausfeld air compressor recently. A very busy work schedule at a new job, combined with a looming birthday party at my house, left little time for playing around in the shop....

Hey Guys, Watch This…A Die Grinder Love Story

Another week with the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor and my experiences continue to be positive.  A few weeks ago I mentioned my intention to begin testing some air tools.  After convincing my wife that buying more air tools would allow more projects around the...

Nail Guns, Blow Guns, and Spray Guns

Despite starting a new job I did manage to spend some quality time with the new Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.  The first test was hardly much of a workout for the 30-gallon tank but that is the advantage of a large tank - it can do all the jobs of a small tank...