As I mentioned in my last post, I had an “emergency” woodworking project come up.  A family member needed a custom-built TV stand ready for Thanksgiving.  The piece needed to fit very specific dimensions and needed to be stained to match two bookcase towers that will sit on either side.

For the most part this wasn’t a big project.  However, it did present a couple of challenges.  First, I am notorious for taking my time with projects and only I found out about the project about two weeks ago.  Second, I recently started a new job that has me in the office over 55 hours a week so my free time is limited.  However, with a bit of frenzied activity, and an understanding wife, I managed to hit my Thanksgiving deadline.

When it comes to projects, I don’t stick to one particular technique.  In fact, I will often use multiple approaches depending on what I think makes the most sense.  For example, in this piece I used pocket screws and biscuits as well as regular screws.  And, of course, I used a nail gun and Gorilla Glue. Actually, I used three different nail guns – a 15 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge.

Media Center StandWhen staining a piece, I prefer not to deal with nail holes but I know that is my perfectionist side coming out.  Especially with the 18-gauge brad nailer, the hole is so small that you could fill it with putty and never really notice but I still try to avoid visible nail holes.

As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite techniques is to shoot nails to hold pieces in place while glue sets up.  In a situation like this, I also like to attach hidden cleats.  Attaching small pieces of wood where they won’t be seen gives more gluing area and also gives me a place to shoot nails and avoid holes that have to be filled. I also use a combination of nails and screws.  Many times it is easiest to keep parts aligned with one hand and shoot a few nails to lock them in place.  You can then come back and drill holes and run screws.

In terms of the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor, I remained impressed with the performance.  The finish nailers were hardly even a test for this compressor.  I was able to shoot a number of nails and switch guns on a single charge.  And I still love being able to blow dust off the pieces as I work.  I do most of my work in the garage so I am able to step outside and blow the dust off there.

Below is what the stand looks like inside the rest of the media center, which I did NOT build!

Media Center Stand Complete

Now that the TV stand is in the rearview mirror, I hope to spend some time actually relaxing in the garage…

Note: The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor series was originally posted on Posterous in 2010 and uploaded to this site after Posterous was shut down. Please see the free product disclaimer.