The Keter Portable Work Station is a mobile work station with an integrated clamping area.

Keter Portable Work Station Package

The table is rated for 1000 lbs and can be set up in seconds thanks to an interesting quick-opening system.  Pushing buttons on both sides buttons allows the legs to swing down, expanding out from its four-inch depth.

The workbench comes with two one-handed clamps that fit into two channels, which allows you clamp items resting on the top.

Keter Portable Work Station Clamps



  • Two Removable 12-Inch Clamps Included
  • Quick-Opening System
  • Work Surface (33 x 21.5 inches)
  • Holds Up To 1000 Pounds / 453 Kilogram
  • Catalog Number 17182239
  • Purchase Price $49.99
  • Purchase at Sam’s Club

The initial negative I encountered was that one of the clamps was missing. The original packaging appeared to be intact and there was no way for the clamp to slide out, so either someone found a way to carefully remove the packaging and take the clamp, or it was shipped from Keter with one missing. I ended up returning the first unit back to Sam’s and getting a replacement.

To avoid that aggravation, I suggest checking the bottom first.  If you flip the unit over, you can see two small openings, not much larger than a postage stamp, that allow the logo on the clamps to show through.  Before purchasing, I would highly recommend checking to make sure both clamps are there.

Overall, my initial assessment is positive.  The workbench is definitely lightweight and compact when folded up.  And, just as important to me, set up is a breeze.  I have a couple of other folding workbenches but they are more cumbersome to set up so I find myself using a garbage can as a temporary workbench if I just need to make a quick cut with a handsaw.  Inevitably, that ends up taking more time and cause more aggravation than setting up a proper cutting platform.

Hopefully, the Keter Portable Work Station will save me from myself.